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Stock code 7701
Stock Listing Tokyo Stock Exchange
Number of shares in one trading unit 100 shares
Fiscal year From April 1 to March 31

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(as of March 31, 2021),cricket mgt

Total number of shares issued 296,070,227 Shares
Number of shareholders 35,822
Shareholder Type Number of Shareholders Number of Shares Owned (Thousands of Shares) Ratio of Shares by Shareholder Type (%)
Financial Institutions 87 145,656Thousands of Shares 49.20%
Securities companies 59 2,452Thousands of Shares 0.80%
General corporations 309 13,388Thousands of Shares 4.50%
Foreign investors 735 98,960Thousands of Shares 33.40%
Individuals 34,629 34,355Thousands of Shares 11.60%
Others 3 1,254Thousands of Shares 0.40%
Total 35,822 296,070Thousands of Shares 100%

fifa 18 penalty betting tips